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This is the first page of our ordering system for our wideband O2 products. We can only accept orders that have been completed using our web interface, and for which security and verification requirements are met (we must be able to associate your name/phone number with your shipping address). We suggest you carefully read the following information sections before going to the next order page. Please contact us if you still have questions after reading all the information below.

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Your order will be completed when you press the Complete This Order button on the last page of this order system. Feel free to try it out before committing your order. You will be able to go backward and forward using your browser's navigation menu.

Note: To keep our prices and overheads low we don't offer any express services. We can't guarantee a shipment date, but we do try to ship within 10 days of your order (unless otherwise stated).

Payment and Prices

We accept a number of forms of payment (all roughly equivalent in cost to you). We bill you in either AUstralian dollar (for cards) or US dollar currency (PayPal). Exchange rates vary from day to day but prices shown in US dollars are roughly just over half the Australian dollar price (about US$0.57 to an AU dollar at the start of June 2002) You can get an idea of your total local cost by using this third party currency converter, but remember that the payment provider's exchange rate will be up to 5% different to account for their own money exchange charges.

Payment - Mastercard, Visa, Bankcard ONLY

We accept card payment ONLY through MasterCard, Visa and Bankcard. We do not accept American Express, Diners, etc. cards. We can only bill your card in Australian dollars (shown as AU$) but your card statement will show both the AU$ amount and the converted amount in your local currency. You can get an idea of your total local cost by using this third party currency converter, but remember that the card company will use a slightly more conservative exchange rate to reflect their own exchange fees (expect about a 3% difference).

If you're concerned about security of our site, then we encourage you to ring us with your card details after you complete your on-line order details (leave card details blank). Please be aware that we probably both live in a different time zone, but you can contact us during our public work hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ph. international +61 2 6251 5519). You may also find the time difference means you can to talk to us using an off-peak telephone rate.

Payment - PayPal - We Will Request Payment

We happily accept PayPal payment, but please don't send us payment because to avoid any confusion over payment amounts, we'll send you a PayPal request when we're ready to accept your order. We can only request payment in US dollars (shown as US$). We'll use a rate that will be about 3% higher than the rate this third party currency converter shows. This accounts for PayPal's actual exchange rate when we convert from PayPal's US dollar amounts to our local currency.

Cheque Payment - Australian purchasers ONLY

We can accept cheque payment only if we are shipping to an Australian address, and we can verify your details. We will not ship goods until your funds have been cleared (typically 5 to 7 days). If your cheque bounces we will charge you at least a $25 administration charge to cover our bank's dishonour fee(s).

Please note that we must charge an additional 10% GST on all purchases that are delivered to an Australian destination.

Other Payment Methods

The more payment options we offer, the more it costs us to provide them. We concentrate on offering the most popular options for maybe 98% of our customers. If you're among those few % who want to use COD or direct deposit, or some strange expensive (for us anyway) card (including Amex, Diners, etc.), then unfortunately, we probably can't help (and we'd be suspicious if you were insistent!).

Shipping and Insurance

We currently only offer Air Mail shipping through Australia Post. Goods generally arrive in the US in 6-7 days but it can be as short as 4 days, or as long as two weeks. If you want it delivered quicker then we probably can't offer the goods or service faster anyway. Make sure you indicate your postal zone in the order page so your shipping fees are correctly calculated.

Postal Rates (in $AU)

We ship in Australia using Australia Post (or optionally our own courier) & overseas by air mail. Shipping charges are determined by weight, destination zone, and if you wish to have insurance.

Insurance and Customs Fees

Although we find Airmail post to be very reliable, and we package your goods appropriately, we can't guarantee the end-to-end integrity of the system. At best we can offer at close to cost postal insurance to most destinations (unfortunately Australia Post does not have insurance agreements with all destinations countries, if in doubt, check here ). You will be covered for only about US$25 should you not insured and your package is not delivered.

We are required to state the value of the order on the customs declaration form we must complete. Unfortunately, we cannot understate this value, and unless otherwise requested, we will declare the shipment as Electronic Components or Electronic Test Equipment for fully built units.

More information ...

If you still have any questions on the Oz DIY-WB project then email us. Note: We will probably ignore emails that ask questions that a careful reading of the information presented here would otherwise answer.

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