1227808 L4 Binary Images

Here is a list of binary images (BINs) for memcals found in production four cylinder vehicles using the 1227808 (and 1227277). These vehicles include the LD Holden Astra (or Nissan Pulsar) and the JD and JE Holden Camira.

More information (calibration IDs) etc. will become available as more of these BINs are found, read, verified and made available here. If you have any of these bins, then contact peter@techedge.com.au with details.

All available bins can be downloaded as a zip file here, or individually if a link appears in the Label field. You can use GMCKS to check each bin files checksum (use the -V switch). GM disassembler and assembler tools can be found here.

1.6L TBI LD (Holden Astra or Nissan Pulsar)
Label ID Prom Trans Comments
AHLT6167 $54 6059 A Production (1987)
AHLU6173 $54 6069 M Production
BAJL   4329 M Revised Code 42
BAJK   4319 A Revised Code 42
AMXS   0478 M Start Of Production
AMXT   0488 A Start Of Production
1.8L TBI JD (Holden Camira)
Label ID Prom Trans Comments
BZY0056 $35 9788 A Production TBI 1.8L Camira
BZZ0062 $35 9798 M Production TBI 1.8L Camira
1.8L PFI LD (Holden Astra or Nissan Pulsar)
Label ID Prom Trans Comments
ADNH2747 $54 2388 A Start Production (1987)
ADNJ2752 $54 2398 M Start Production (1987)
ALFW4940 $54 4928 A Production Run Change
ALFX4947 $54 4938 M Cancel Stall
APZH4407 $54 3658 M Production Run Change (for N13 Pulsar 1990)
BAHB   3998 A Revised Code 42
BAJM4783 $54 4158 M Revised Code 42
AMXU   0498 A Production Run Change
AMXW   0408 M Production Run Change
2.0L PFI JE (Holden Camira)
Label ID Prom Trans Comments
AJUN0094 $54 0098 A Production
AKFL2168 $54 1968 M Production
AMXX0658 $5D 0518 A Production No Ping
AMXY0662 $5D 0528 M Production No Ping
2.0L PFI R (Holden xxxx?)
Label ID Prom Trans Comments
APTT   2199 M Production
APTU   2209 A Production
Unknown - Help Us Identify
Label ID Prom Trans Comments
ADNL2760 $54 2418 ? Unknown - probably Camira JE

V6 and V8 memcals for the 1227808 can be found here. Many thanks to Jeff Courtot for his help in sending me a number of four cylinder BINs.

Here are the EFI hookup schematics, in zipped format, for the Holden JE Camira and the Nissan LD Pulsar.

Here's some info I wrote for DIY-EFI.org some time ago on the 1227808.

Note : Binary images we have made available have only been checked at a very basic level and no absolute guarantee of authenticity can given. However if you find this information either correct or in error then contact us

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